I don’t care that much about money unless I don’t have any.

Money is a concept, I’m really only interested in the freedom I can buy with it. And of course the goods I can acquire.

Although in recent years, consumption is no longer so important to me, on the contrary, it even gets on my nerves.

The fact that our economic system and our prosperity are based on the fact that we exploit our earth and probably inflict considerable damage on future generations annoys me.

It is also annoying in western countries to exploit other countries and other people for our consumption. A consumption stop is a clear sign against it.

But I am also wracked by my own behavior, my urge to buy things. Things that I don’t really need. And I notice how quickly the short happiness from consumption fades, and the things I have do weigh me down.

Then I try to get rid of them again, which is nonsense, wouldn’t I have bought them in the first place.

I’m brought up in the ’80s, in the white, western world, and material possessions and consumption were the number one goal for us. Wealth, more and more, better and better, newer and newer.

Today I feel freer the less I own but also secure when I have money in the account. Being able to travel. Although I know that also pollutes the environment beyond measure, our urge to be constantly mobile, traveling gives me a sense of freedom and happiness.

I like a few things I would miss; a few clothes, a lot of books, DVDs I want to have on the shelf because I want to look at the spines and both books and DVDs remind me of the content. A small watch tick is also there and my motorcycle gives me the feeling of freedom.

For me, not having money means not being able to participate in society. Not that society is that important to me but being excluded is no fun.

The distribution of money is unjust and this injustice is growing every day. Maybe we need a new relationship to money or a new concept that distributes our goods more fairly.

Property obligates, I try to consume less and thus be happier.

But I can’t be without money either, because I am afraid of the social isolation that comes with it.

I am aware of my wealth, even though I am far from being upper class in the country I live in, I am grateful for not having to worry about basic needs like good food or medical care.

I should be even more grateful and be aware of it every day.