Music plays a powerful role in our lives. Though it’s the most irrational thing I can think of, all cultures do relate to music. Making it or consuming it.

The consumption of music changed a lot over the last two decades and it seems it is everywhere and anytime available in an endless sense.

So, it feels to me that music is oftentimes just background noise, many times not really enjoyed anymore and the act of active listening to music diminished or got heavily reduced.

Ok, many people don’t have such a strong relationship to music and they couldn’t care less but it must be sad for musicians to see their work not appreciated that much.

In meditation music also plays a strong role.

Many do meditate to music, often loops becoming mantras or endless nature sounds or sounds that play on a certain frequency where it is said it resonates with the body and has certain effects like calming the mind, giving you an uplift. Some say it also changes the structure of cells in the body.

I’ve tried many of those tracks and the initial idea of this domain was to provide such kind of music. But it never really worked for me, I found all those Zen music tracks out there always annoying after some time and it irritates me more than it gives me focus.

I know many people who do use music to concentrate and oftentimes I was told they build up playlists of songs that then play in the background and they forget totally about it. It’s like a sound carpet that helps them concentrate. They do get in a flow, a state of mind where they are allowed to work and not be disturbed from the outer world.

The work is flowing out of them, pouring like water. Sometimes, they say it feels like they even leave their body. And oftentimes they are surprised about their results and they can’t believe the results are really created by them. I think that’s what some mystically relate to as kissed by the muse.

I also had those experiences. In painting, in sport, in conceptual work, in writing.

And I do still have my favorite music. One song which was a companion over the years is ‚Everything must change‘ and though most artists interpreted the tune as sad ballads e.g. Oleta Adams or Barbara Streisand or others I was always impressed by Cecilia Stalin’s arrangement.

It has a positive and uplifting mood and worships the fact that everything is changing constantly. This is a fact and we should appreciate it more and also simply accept it. It gives us the chance to thrive and evolve. Every new day in our lives holds this chance and if we are aware and lucky we are able to make the best of it.

I wish you to have a lot of music in life no matter what kind of music you like.